Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye..... Hello

As I sit in my warm home with family I love, I think back on 2013. I am thrilled to know that all of the unanswered questions of this year have their resolutions in Jesus. 

This year the Lord has allowed joy and pain, answered long term prayer, has granted healing and carried us through profound brokenness. 

In it all I have become evermore acutely aware that He is enough. His love is enough. His grace is enough. That as I turn to Him with all that life contains He molds and makes all things new. 

The process is not usually pleasant, is often exhausting, and always involves going deeper in trust and surrender. 

And it's all worth it. All of it. The tears, the waiting, the prayer prayed a thousand times, the joy, the miracles, the love. All worth it. 

He is, has been, will always be, enough. 

Now and forever. 

Happy New Year....