Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Am I getting this right?

Oh, just when I think I figured 'it' out, 'it' changes..... That's how I feel about my body. YES, I understand that our bodies are going to change.... mine has morphed many times so far... I just mean the maintenance stuff.... Eating and sleeping and hydrating and supplementing and and and...

I have made several misturns in the last few days and am now paying (and praying) for it. I'm asking the Lord for wisdom on what to do and what not to do. He has already been faithful to answer me quite clearly on a few things.....

In this season of my life, if I have an event in the evening I need to rest during the day. Check.

If I have things going on all morning, I need to rest that evening. Check.

Don't eat sugar until AFTER you've had adequate protein, and only in little bits. CHECK.

Stay hydrated. Check.

Listen to the gentle nudges from my husband. Check.

If you feel stressed out as if you're doing too much, YOU ARE. Check.

Rest in the Lord, trust in His plan. Hmmmm, maybe not so check.

It seems like whenever I get a bit of my legs under me, I'm off and running... and right now running isn't pretty. It's wobbly and awkward, and you're likely to find me collapsed in a heap in someone's front yard.

The Lord is ever so patiently teaching me to 'heel'.

He is healing me, and heeling me at the same time.

I watched our little dog, Louie the Meatball, tonight on his leash and I was so irritated at the way he strains against my lead.... I implemented rudimentary heeling training immediately. It didn't take long and he was walking where he should be, but I knew that if I let him have his head he would be 6 feet ahead of me, front paws nearly off the ground, straining against my lead again.

Straining against my lead.......

Straining against..... His lead.

Oh how many times have I strained against the Lord's lead. I have either run ahead at lightning speed with my collar choking me, the beautiful tag of ownership with His name on it flapping wildly under my lolling tongue, only to be caught up short.

OR, I'm lagging behind. Front and back legs rigid, eyes closed, either terrified or simply full of my own rebellion and willfulness. I won't, I won't, I WON'T!

I am reminded this evening that the Lord has never wielded a 'newspaper' to my backside, strapped on a 'pinch collar', or employed an electric shock device.

Oh, I've had headlines that are hair raising wake me up for sure, experienced my fair share of pain, and been jolted back to my senses a time or two. But never by His hand.

Natural consequences, and a healthy dose of conscience have been doing their job just fine.

The Lord's hand has always been gentle with me. Strong when needed, but always kind. If there ever was an unruly pup, it has been me for sure. But He never has been harsh, or given up on me.

In a very small way my re-teaching Lou to heel is a reflection of the Lord reaffirming to me that I can trust Him. His timing, His way, His Lead.

He has all the wisdom I need to do this life, I just need to stay at His heel.

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