Friday, April 9, 2010


Every girl wants to be beautiful. To be admired. To look in the mirror and see something that's pleasing. Boy I know that I've wanted that at times in my life more than AIR. Yet now, at this time in my life, I'm having to totally re-evaluate what beauty is exactly. When I say the word beauty, a tall, thin, long-haired woman does not come to mind. Not even hardly. I think of the colors in my husband's eyes, or the slight sparkle on a newly budded iris. I see the intricate insides of flowers, and the feather-like eyelashes of a sleeping newborn child. I realized sometime recently, that everything that I consider truly beautiful is real. Genuine. Not falsified in anyway. I love it that the Lord surrounds us daily with true beauty. No matter where we live, or what we're going through. He is the Truth, and there are reminders of Him everywhere.......... See Him?

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