Friday, April 9, 2010

Why are you here?

Think about it.
On second thought, pray about it.

Ever wonder why you are where you are?
Was it selfish-ambition? Rebellion? Inaction?
Pride? Following the crowd? Doing what was expected of you?

As a follower of Christ it doesn't really matter why.
You are where you are, and that's exactly where
God wants to use you. He wants to use you to change
the world around you, right there. In the less than
ideal situation you may seem to find yourself in.
In your worn-out, beat up, shoes of compromise
he wants to teach you to run. He wants to use all
those weapons formed against you to shape you
into His image. Shake off the stupor of worry and
fear. Of insecurity and doubt. Of the LIE. We as a
people have bought a bill of goods, SO WHAT
give it back!

Oh! The truth shall set you free, and if the Son has
set you free you are free indeed!!! Walk in it, in
Newness of Life! Claim your redemption, wrap
yourself in the robe of His righteousness and SHINE!

The darker the night, the brighter the Light...

Don't be lulled to sleep by the crooning voice of
apathy! Or anchored to the floor by the weight

Be encouraged today family...... God is ready to use
you NOW. In your life TODAY. Listen to Him!

Grace and Peace

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